About Us

ARK Educate
Founded in 2021 by ARK Invest’s CEO and CIO, Cathie Wood, the ARK Education Initiative is a nonprofit organization working to improve education and make the world a better place through the lens of technologically enabled innovation. Our curriculum and problem-first thinking approach empower students, teachers, and families to be on the right side of education reform and a rapidly changing world.
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ARK Educate's mission is to educate through the lens of technologically enabled innovation, preparing and inspiring students, teachers, and families to be on the right side of change.

ARK Educate aims to transform education by placing equal importance on content and process for teachers and students. Our curriculum uses disruptive innovation as a vehicle for learning and mindset expansion. The pillars of our organization – education, mentorship, partnership, and funding span four core areas — curriculum development, teacher training, teacher and administrator support, and community and business partnerships. Our curriculum empowers students to lead their own learning using problem-first thinking to solve problems in the context of disruptive innovation in a rapidly changing world. 

We provide educational materials to schools and districts interested in teaching subject area content through strategies that promote an Innovation Mindset and higher-order thinking skills. We believe all students must become lifelong learners empowered by knowledge and the ability to think critically at higher levels. We unite community leaders into common causes, helping focus educational efforts. 

With the global economy undergoing the most extensive technological transformation in history, young people are in a critical position to become drivers of our changing world. This vision begins with transforming education to support an understanding of the technologically enabled disruptive innovations shaping our world. Witnessing the transformational power of innovation and offering a comprehensive approach to education from early childhood through adulthood is the most effective way of preparing for our rapidly changing world. 


To build a global educational community that creates, shares, and supports curricula, preparing teachers and students to become lifelong learners and leaders of our changing world.


Using a thematic approach aligned with students’ stages of development, our goal is to develop an Innovation Mindset in students and teachers. 

Anticipated Outcomes in Schools:

To increase achievement outcomes at new and higher levels.
To increase student engagement with a curriculum that proves its relevance and importance in students' lives and measurably reflects an increase in critical thinking skills and academic enthusiasm.
To increase the collaboration among teachers, students, and school leaders that naturally inspires new levels of a practical interdisciplinary approach.
To increase the real-world application of innovation-related subjects (e.g., science, math, technology, engineering, and design) as evidenced by participation in local, state, and national opportunities and events.
To increase measurable teacher effectiveness and student acquisition of subject area content and thinking skills.