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ARK Educate's mission is to educate through the lens of technologically enabled innovation, preparing and inspiring students, teachers, and families to be on the right side of change.

ARK Educate supports education by introducing high-quality problem-solving and critical thinking curricula aligned to educational standards and engaging technologically-enabled disruptive innovation. The pillars of our organization – education, mentorship, partnership, and funding span four core areas — curriculum development, teacher training, teacher and administrator support, and community and business partnerships. Our curriculum empowers students to lead their own learning using problem-first thinking to solve problems in the context of disruptive innovation in a rapidly changing world. 

We situate lessons in scientific methods and principles within a series of innovation challenges that inspire collaboration, hypothesizing, and gathering data through experimenting. With a curriculum grounded in real-world relevance, students no longer ask, “What does this have to do with me?” We provide educational materials to schools and districts interested in teaching subject area content through teaching strategies that promote an innovation mindset and higher-order thinking skills. We believe all students must become lifelong learners empowered by knowledge and the ability to think critically at higher levels. We unite community leaders into common causes, helping focus educational efforts. 

With the global economy undergoing the most extensive technological transformation in history, young people are in a critical position to become drivers of our changing world. This vision begins with transforming education to support an understanding of the technologically enabled disruptive innovations shaping our world. Witnessing the transformational power of innovation and offering a comprehensive approach to education from early childhood through adulthood is the most effective way of preparing for our rapidly changing world. 


To build a global educational community that creates, shares, and supports curricula to prepare teachers and students to be lifelong learners and leaders of our changing world.

To aid teachers with curricula developed using a thematic approach aligned with students’ stage of development with the ultimate goal of complete integration of an innovation mindset. To support educational administrators to address and exceed student achievement standards. Our work helps anyone interested in developing teachers and students capable of thinking, innovating, and solving problems in a relentless, technologically-driven world.
Core Values
  • Creative and consistent application of knowledge with confidence, curiosity, and tools for collaboration. 
  • Elevating all students’ potential as courageous learners and productive risk-takers with the courage to advocate, imagine, and invent.